3 ways to boost creativity

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Picture this. You are in a meeting with a client brainstorming ideas for their branding or package design. In the first meeting, everyone had ideas or requests, you couldn’t write them down fast enough! But now it’s the third, fourth or fifth meeting and every idea seems like it has been done before or it just simply isn’t good enough. This is when you need a light bulb moment, a spark of inspiration, something to really get the creative juices flowing! Sound familiar? Next time you’re stuck in a rut, remember our top tips which are sure to keep you motivated and inspired!

Change of surroundings

By moving around and getting out of the area you generally associate with work, you are opening up your senses to the outside world rather than limiting yourself to the same boring desk and chair. Staying in one place for too long can make you feel sluggish and unproductive. You feel pressured to come up with something new and amazing, but you’re all out of ideas. Removing yourself from your standard work area and going somewhere like a cafe or a park instead can really help. You never know where inspiration might strike!

Change of mindset

These days it isn’t unusual for a company to try and do things a little differently, especially when it comes to marketing, but some companies still work very traditionally. Although both workplace styles have their advantages, it is the latter more traditional environment that is increasingly likely to suppress creativity; their ‘safe’ methods are proven to be successful and therefore often they are unwilling to deviate from them. When you are working within this type of business hierarchy it is important to encourage employees to think outside of the box. This can be done with small creative exercises before each ideas session. For example, an airplane needs more seats, where could you put them? Brainstorm answers for this question, they can be as weird and wacky as you want. Although it seems unorthodox it makes sense to do this if it’ll help you and your colleagues to come up with an unusual idea.

Change of pace

Make some time to do something you’ve never done before or something you have always wanted to do. It could be as standard as baking a cake or as crazy as bungee jumping. When you are tasked with coming up with a new idea it can distract you from looking after yourself. Make sure you take a break, have some time out, then come back to things with a fresh new perspective. You might arrive back feeling newly inspired!

These are general rules that work for most people but you must find what works for you as an individual and for your company. Everyone’s thinking process is different but we’ve found that these simple tips help to keep us feeling creative!

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