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ere at Brand Relations we focus heavily on healthy food and drinks. Follow the Brand Relations blog to keep up to date with all of the latest health trends and products. This is also where you can find information about the products we work with and how we promote them.

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Squbes® at PUB18

            Have you heard of the new delicious snack, Squbes®? It’s hard to believe that this indulgent treat is actually healthy for you! Produced by Irish Health Food Company, Squbes® is a [...]


Welcome to 2018! This could be the hardest year ever for food and drink: there will be many brands that fail, but some will excel in this market. Brexit: the word that keeps popping up in every [...]

Vital Minerals

Since a young age, we have been told that minerals are good for you, but do the majority of us actually know why? Below is a breakdown of the most vital minerals and their function in the human body.

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