Minimalism in Packaging

Top 6 Health Tools

Superfood Spotlight #2 Matcha

Intangible Value

Intangible value is a very important concept in marketing. It is all about creating a brand and a reputation that will give a product more value than it is technically worth in raw materials and [...]

Top 4 Healthy Eating Gurus

Some people can live a healthy lifestyle using a mixture of sheer willpower and determination but some of us need a bit of inspiration and a nudge in the right direction. Below are some leading [...]

Have you heard about cascara?

“D’you want to grab a coffee?” is a question that the majority of us are asked on a regular basis, but, how much does your average person actually know about coffee? When our beloved coffee beans [...]

Brand Relation is launching its very own blog!

Writing a blog has been on our ‘to do list’ for a while and we’re happy to announce that we can now officially tick it off our list! The Brand Relations blog will keep you up to date with details [...]