What’s new at Brand Relations in October?

The Launch of LyteWater We feel positively about marketing healthy products that can make a difference at Brand Relations! LyteWater Electrolyte range is 100% natural, only 40 calories per [...]


Top 4 Social Media Marketing Aids

Managing a social media account can be hard work. You need to post relevant content consistently and continuously while keeping in line with the brand image. You need to post at the most popular [...]


Vital Minerals

Since a young age, we have been told that minerals are good for you, but do the majority of us actually know why? Below is a breakdown of the most vital minerals and their function in the human body.

Superfood Spotlight #1 Avocado

It would be bad practice to have a healthy eating article without mentioning the superstar of the moment (and Instagram),  the avocado fruit. The popularity of avocados amongst health enthusiasts [...]


3 ways to boost creativity

Picture this. You are in a meeting with a client brainstorming ideas for their branding or package design. In the first meeting, everyone had ideas or requests, you couldn’t write them down fast [...]