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“D’you want to grab a coffee?” is a question that the majority of us are asked on a regular basis, but, how much does your average person actually know about coffee?

When our beloved coffee beans are removed from the coffee cherry that they grow in, what is leftover is the husk of the coffee cherry. The coffee husk, known as cascara, is the main ingredient for a popular drink which has been enjoyed in Ethiopia and Yemen for centuries, there it is known respectively as ‘Hashara’ and ‘Qishr’. After being dried and aged, the refreshingly fruity taste of the cascara is revealed.

The coffee production industry has always regarded cascara as a functionless by-product of coffee. For years it has been thrown away. Only now are coffee suppliers realising the potential of cascara.

Traditionally the cascara is steeped in hot water and flavoured with delicate spices such as cinnamon which enhance its delicious flavour. Despite the main ingredient of cascara being derived from coffee, the drink doesn’t taste like it’s popular counterpart , instead it has subtle hints of rose hip, red currant and mango. 

Although cascara is made from coffee cherries, it has a surprisingly low caffeine content. In fact it has approximately four times less caffeine than the average cup of coffee. Cascara is perfect for healthy minded people, not only due to its low caffeine content, but also because of the variety of health benefits it offers. Cascara contains twice as many antioxidants as cranberries and a whopping eight times more antioxidants than blueberries! When consumed, this results in an energy boost equal to the effect of sugar. It is also proven to  aid digestion while the vitamins it contains helps prevent disease and aging.

New cascara products are beginning to emerge in the market. Keep your eyes peeled for cascara derived products in the coming months. We predict this will be a popular trend for health conscious individuals in 2016!

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