Minimalism in Packaging

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Over the years packaging design has slowly become more minimalistic. Before the digital era, packaging was limited to painted imagery which was utilised to influence customers perceptions of the product. Often these images were colourful and depicted illustrations of people using the products. Many current brands endeavour to make their packaging as simple as possible especially in the health and lifestyle market. But what is the purpose of this and what are these brands trying to communicate?

1. Purity

A main selling point of many health foods and drinks is that they contain no additives or preservatives. A minimalistic approach to packaging is suitable in this scenario as it helps convey the message that the product is natural, pure and uncomplicated.

2. Functionality

Another main selling point for these health products is that they are functional, they may contain vitamins or antioxidants. A sports drink may contain carbohydrates, this aids recovery following exercise. Functional products are often defined by their lack of grandeur and decoration, therefore it stands to reason that the packaging for functional products would be minimalistic and straight to the point.


We live in a fast paced society where we are often oblivious to what is happening around us. We make quick decisions based on the information we gain immediately. Simple package design allows for easier more efficient reading which enables customers to take in information and make decisions quickly.

This trend is definitely in motion and has been for a while. With the introduction of companies such as Muji that advocate simplicity and efficiency, we are moving towards a less outwardly opulent lifestyle where less is certainly more.

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