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Finally! Next month will be the launch of the all-natural electrolyte drink, Lytewater. Although initially supposed to be launched last year, it has been re-worked to produce a 0 calorie drink. Lytewater comes in 3 refreshing flavours (Coconut, Berry & Watermelon). It serves to boost endurance, rehydration, metabolism & prevents muscle fatigue. Experiencing afternoon slump at the office? Or exhaustion from your workout? Thankfully, Lytewater is coming, aiming to replenish and lost fluids and minerals in the body.




Fyre, another top of the list drinks we are excited about. Uninspired with the drinks in the market, Fyre decided to come up with a drink with a twist, that literally spices your day to day life. Along Fyre’s journey, they experimented with two healthy ingredients; fruit and spice. What really stood out from the crowd in both concept and flavour were Ginger and Chilli!  An all natural lively sparkling drink, crisp in flavour, leaving you wanting more… Stay tuned for the launch date.

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