Revamping Premium Ice Cream

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There’s a premium product on the market and Brand Relations is bringing it back to life.

This premium ice cream we speak of is Manx Ices. If you haven’t heard about it, this delicious ice cream is handmade right on the beautiful Isle of Man and we rebranded it in a way that really showcases its artisan essence.

We believe this product is of the highest quality and want the world to taste it for themselves. That is why we partnered with Manx Ices, to optimize their branding so they can attract the right people. We’ve rebranded their product and simplified their range to a perfectly chosen trilogy of flavours to enjoy, including: Cinnamon & Maple, Vanilla, and Honey. We also changed the packaging to 500ml recyclable containers, as a way to reflect their carbon efficient image.

The product is now consumer-friendly and clearly communicates everything Manx Ices stands for. Be on the lookout for this mouth-watering ice cream in stores. We are certainly excited for it to be available and you should, too!

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