Brand Development

  • Market Research

    In order to develop a successful brand and commercially viable product, it is necessary to fully understand the market place and its strengths, weaknesses and potential opportunities. Brand Relations conduct an extensive market research report which is used to correctly position your product.
  • Brand Identity

    From the logo and name to imagery and brand story and everything in between, developing a consistent, coherent and strong brand identity is crucial to developing a commercially viable product that resonates with the intended customer base to ensure a long and successful brand lifecycle.
  • Communication Strategy

    Developing a strong brand identity is the first stage in outlining communications through the brand personality and tone of voice. Outlining how to communicate to businesses and consumers alike, we ensure that messaging is consistent throughout and your key messages and values are always present.
  • Brand Strategy

    Identifying and understanding product positioning, pricing and retail strategy is an essential part of developing a brand. We create and develop a brand in line with key market opportunities, competitors in the existing space and unique selling points to allow for optimum launch capabilities.

Product Development

  • Recipe Development

    Undertaking research into ingredient and product trends, we can identify key components to ensure your product will excel in the market place. Working with flavour houses around the UK, we wont stop until we’ve developed a recipe that is spot on, while taking into consideration ingredient costs, shelf-life and production methods.
  • Labelling design and production

    An eye-catching label that is consistent with your brand message and story is crucial to getting a product off the ground in the market launch phase. We take into consideration your existing branding alongside consumer trends and demands to create a unique design that appeals to buyers and your target consumers alike.
  • Packaging design and production

    Our in-house design team have been creating branded packaging solutions for over 20 years. When identifying, sourcing and designing the packaging and POS, we take into consideration all variables from volume, scalability and price through to regulations and compliance.
  • Source + identify co-packers

    During our 20 years in the industry, we have developed working relationships with some of the finest and most reliable manufacturers in the worlds. Whatever your production needs, we have trusted partners in filling services, packaging suppliers, labelling solutions and other logistic and production services.

Market Launch

  • B2B Campaign Development

    Developing a multi-channel campaign covering online and offline, we create and execute a bespoke campaign targeted towards key areas of the market to create awareness among key decision makers within these sectors, resulting in listings, sales and a significant increase in the credibility of your brand.
  • Retail + Distribution

    Our black book of tried and trusted partners across all sectors can help you grow affordably and accelerate your business into a market-leading position. Utilising our knowledge of and contacts within the UK supply chain, we target wholesalers and customers alike to ensure a fast uptake across your target sectors, from major retailers and food chains to wholesalers, health stores, gyms, universities and corporate catering.
  • Brand Management

    You will be appointed a team comprising of an account director, account manager, account executive and a designer to work on your brand. Liaising day to day with your account manager, you will be kept up to date on developments, with weekly and monthly reporting to allow you to identify and analyse results.
  • Marketing Communications

    Following on from the development of your brand communication strategy, we create and deliver key marketing communications through heavily tracked and analysed email marketing campaigns to POS development, event sponsorships, exhibitions and any design work from POS to brochures, website development and social media content – all the while ensuring that messaging is consistent with the brand’s tone of voice and personality.


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