Top 6 Health Tools

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When you’re attempting to maintain a healthy lifestyle it is always useful  to have a helping hand. Below are a few gadgets which will help you on your way to success!

6.Flavour Fusion Water Bottle

If you have a sweet tooth and you’re craving the sugary and fruity drinks that you used to drink then invest in a flavour fusion water bottle to create some natural, calorie free alternatives!


Last year everyone seemed to be going crazy for spiralized vegetables. If you haven’t previously heard of spiralizing let us enlighten you! Spiralizers can be used to cut almost any vegetable into noodle shaped strips, creating a healthy alternative to carb-rich noodles. Amelia Freer, the famed nutritional therapist and blogger, has a new range of recipes  devised entirely around the use of a spiralizer. While this might be ever so 2015, it is a great gadget and well worth the effort of retrieving yours from the back of the cupboard (where ours have been lurking for the past few months at least!).

4.Bullet Blender

A perfect compact blender that is easy to use and to clean! Other than using your blender to make juices and smoothies you can also use it to break down the ingredients for soup. Simply blend the desired ingredients then heat using a microwavable container or saucepan, season and enjoy. What could be simpler?

3.Umoro One

This clever little bottle is perfect for any active gym users or people who take supplements. Umoro One is a water bottle with a separate compartment design for holding protein powder. With the press of a button it releases the powder into the water. This is the perfect bottle for most gym goers!


Wearable technology is currently all the rage as we become an increasingly more technologically  reliant world. Misfit has created a range of fitness and sleep trackers that can be worn as accessories such as necklaces or bracelets. The Misfit range is functional, fashionable and non-intrusive.

1.Finis Neptune

Music is often a huge motivator when working out but until recently it was impossible to listen to music under water. The Finis Neptune has changed that, this clever underwater music player uses vibrations to play music without headphones, you are essentially ‘listening’ to the music with your inner ear. How crazy is that?! It is honestly a dream come true for music loving swimmers!

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