Pret Juices

Brand Relations worked with So Natural, the drinks producers behind the range of grab and gulp juices sold in Pret a Manger. We devised and managed their marketing and sales campaign, which is in [...]

Tao Pure Infusion

Tao Pure Infusions came to Brand Relations as a well established foreign brand which is already poplar overseas. They were looking to launch in the UK and decided to choose Brand Relations to [...]

Rose Diamond

When we started working with Rose Diamond they were already an established brand overseas. We devised a sales and marketing campaign for them and then went on to launch them in the UK. Rose [...]

Cano Water

CanO Water is an innovative new water brand. We worked together with this brand to help raise awareness and to develop sales and distribution through major retail channels. Among others, CanO [...]


Following on from the noise created through launching Coldpress into the UK market and the growth of raw juices, we launched the world’s only truly fresh HPP coconut water into premium [...]

Men’s Health

Men’s Health set us the challenge of ‘beefing up’ their sales, providing their existing team with leads among major retailers, pub groups, corporate catering, supermarket chains and fitness [...]

Berry White

Coming to us with an idea to import and distribute a US-made product, Brand Relations suggested that the team behind Berry White create their own product. From the name, logo and brand identity [...]


Zeo came to Brand relations with a unique brief: a very large advertising budget without any UK listings or distribution. Brand Relations formulated an intensive 6 week marketing campaign, [...]

Cold Press Juice

With their award-winning juices made using a cutting-edge process that locks in more taste and goodness than pasteurized juices, we took Coldpress from no sales or listings to a nationally known [...]

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