Brand Development

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can guide you create a marketable product with a strong brand salience. Researching your audience, competition & other brands worldwide helps us build a strong idea about what works.

Your brand is your most valuable asset

Market Research


In order to develop a successful brand and commercially viable product, it is necessary to fully understand the market place and its strengths, weaknesses and potential opportunities. Brand Relations conducts an extensive market research report which is used to correctly position your product.
Brand Identity


From the logo and name to imagery and brand story and everything in between, developing a consistent, coherent and strong brand identity is crucial to developing a commercially viable product that resonates with the intended customer base.
Communication Strategy


Outlining how to communicate to businesses and consumers alike, we ensure that messaging is consistent throughout and your key messages and values are always present.
Brand Strategy


Identifying and understanding product positioning, pricing and retail strategy is an essential part of developing a brand. We create and develop a brand in line with key market opportunities, competitors in the existing space and unique selling points to allow for optimum launch capabilities.