Food and drink today

Drinks and healthy snacking seem to be the craze at present, and everything is designed to make eating healthier, easier and quicker. Phrases like ‘deskfast’ mean you spend less time eating and more time working, therefore, brands are cashing in on this.

Communication, communication, communication

Richard Horwell, managing director of Brand Relations, answers the age-old question: ‘how important is communication, anyway?’ Let’s talk about communication, because unless you communicate the right message to your consumer then your brand will fail. Some of the best products are no longer around as they failed to engage with their consumers as a brand!

Coming up with an innovative idea

The first part of bringing a product to market? Coming up with a genuinely new concept, as Richard Horwell of Brand Relations explains. Over the last 10 years I have seen hundreds of entrepreneurs walk through the doors of my office with what they feel is a life-changing idea.