If you are thinking of getting into the Food & Drink Industry then you need to read this book. It all seems so simple when you see brands on the shelf or the ‘rise to fame’ of brands such as Red Bull, but it isn’t, successful brands take years before they appear on your radar and behind this there has been a lot of money and heartache. This book is the inside guide as to what you need to do and know to have any chance of success in this very competitive world.

I have been in FMCG for most of my life, having lived and worked in the UK, USA, Australia and the Middle East, I have had successful brands of my own that I have sold and also seen the downfall of many great brands.  I wrote this book to help budding entrepreneurs understand the journey they are about to embark on, knowledge is power and the advice here will give you the best chance of success.

About The Author

Richard Horwell has spent nearly all of his working life in FMCG, over 35 years living and working in the UK, USA, Australia and the Middle East. In 1999 he won Electrical Product of the Year for his VinChilla 4 Minute Wine Cooler, against many major players in the Industry.
In 2012 he sold out of the company and moved to the US, then later to the Middle East. Missing the UK he then returned to set up Brand Relations, since this time he has been behind the launch of over 130 brands in food and drink, more recently most of these brands have been fully developed and branded by Brand Relations.

The reason behind this book is to show anyone thinking about developing their own drink how incredibly hard this industry is. I see so many businessmen and their families invest everything they have into a brand and then it fails. This book will open your eyes to the challenges and pitfalls you may face along with the shortcuts to help.