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Alcohol Brands

Published 14th January 2022 in Business Bunker Radio

Your new alcoholic drink may be smooth, but launching it won’t be

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How much do you think it will cost to market your food or drink brand?

Published 13th January 2022 in NE Connected

Your new food or drink brand is ready – now the challenge begins! The next step is to generate sales. That shouldn’t be too hard as lots of other brands out there aren’t half as good as yours. So, how hard can it be, right? Well, the answer is… very hard and – I can’t stress this enough – very expensive.

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Have you got the bottle?

20th December 2021 in Food and Beverage Networker

Why creating an alcoholic drink for the UK market is full of potential pitfalls and problems.

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An Interview With Brand Relations

Published 3rd December 2021 in Boots, Shoes & Fashion

I’m having a chat this week with Richard Horwell of Brand Relations, a specialist food and drink marketing and branding company.

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