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What costs will you incur when developing your food or drink brand?

Published 15th October 2021 in Business In The News

We often meet entrepreneurs who believe that a new food or drink (F&B) brand can be started on a shoestring. Every business needs money to start and, believe me, the Food & Drink industry is no different. In fact, it can suck up a lot more cash than many other sectors.

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Are alcohol-free spirits a missed opportunity?

Published 5th October 2021 in Kent Business Radio

Research published in the 2021 Lumina Intelligence Low2No Alcohol Report (June 2021) shows that 30% of young people are actively choosing to avoid alcohol.  And older people are cutting back or eliminating it as they want the comfort of driving to/from their destination without worry about being over the limit.

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Hard seltzer losing fizz

Published  October 2021 in FMCG CEO

Has the bubble just burst on the alcoholic sparkling water craze, asks Richard Horwell? Sometimes a new product comes along that creates huge excitement. This has been the case with hard seltzers in Britain.

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Recipe for Success

October 2021 in The Cheshire Magazine

Recipes that have been handed down for generations exist in all corners of Cheshire. Some of those recipes may have the potential to become household brands, perhaps internationally.

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