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The Road to Market

October 2021 in European Baker & Biscuit

Your new bakery, pastry or biscuit brand is ready – now the challenge begins! The next step is to generate sales. There are quite a few numbers coming up, and some of them may leave you feeling a little deflated.

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Tasting Success Can Take Time

Published 24th September 2021 in NE Connected

Can a recipe that has been handed down through generations become a marketable reality. Of course, but no matter how wonderful the recipe, there are a number of steps on the journey from kitchen stove to supermarket shelf.

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Hard Seltzer: Has the bubble burst?

24th September 2021 in Food and Beverage Networker

There has been huge interest in the hard seltzer category (also known as ‘hard sparkling water’, ‘spiked seltzer’, or ‘alcoholic seltzer’) over the past couple Of years in the UK. This is hardly surprising in the light of the pandemic and lockdowns.

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Six steps for developing a food or drink brand

Published 22nd September 2021 in Grocery Gazette

Looking at the range of food and drink in a supermarket many entrepreneurs will think they have a great idea for something new and different. However, as always some key steps need to be undertaken to get from concept to shelf.

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The Cost of Marketing your Food or Drink Brand

Published on 8th November 2021 on Product Gurus

The main route to market for new brands is through wholesalers; selling direct to stores is almost impossible. But do not rush to contact the most obvious large wholesaler without checking if the wholesaler supplies your target retailers

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Are Alcohol-Free Spirits Just Over-Priced Flavoured Waters?

Published 1st October 2021 in Technologgie

There are fantastic opportunities for the right manufacturer to dominate the alcohol-free spirits’ space. However, manufacturers need to think beyond traditional spirit categories to find unique flavors, characters, and profiles for their drinks if they are going to be viewed as competing against their alcohol counterparts.

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