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Are you underestimating your marketing costs?

Published 28th October 2021 on

You have a fantastic new food or drink brand. It truly is a wonderful product. Congratulations, you’ve successfully negotiated the easy part. Now you need to generate sales. Far too many entrepreneurs think they can handle the sales and marketing themselves.

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How much will it cost you to develop a new drink?

Published 13th October 2021 in NE Connected

Over the years we have met many budding entrepreneurs wanting to bring their dreams to life and start up in the beverage business. I have seen some innovative and exciting ideas that have great potential, and quite a few that made no sense at all.

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Tips for developing a brilliant brand for a Drink or a Food product

Published 12th August 2021 in Evinok

Branding plays a huge role in encouraging a first-time purchaser to try your new food or drink product.  Indeed, 90% of a first-time purchase is based on it. Banding is why a consumer will make the decision to pick your product over their regular choice of product that they may have been buying for a considerable period of time.

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Creating a successful brand for your food or beverage product

8th August 2021 in NE Connected

You may have created a wonderful tasting product but if no one picks it up, buys it and tries it, it simply won’t succeed. 90% of a first-time purchase is based on the branding; so it helps consumers to decide to pick your product over their regular choice.

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Career Insights – Brand Relations

Published July 2021 in Food and Drink Technology

Brand Relations: branding and marketing Richard Horwell is the managing director of Brand Relations, a food and drink specialist consultancy that focuses on development, branding and marketing.

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