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Functional drinks and the trend for Nootropics.

24th July 2021 in Grocery Gazette

We are seeing consumer buying habits changing. When they are doing their week shopping for food and drink, consumers increasing concerned with functionality and health. In the past, it was much more about buying into a lifestyle that a drink or snack brand offered, rather than the product itself.

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How to convert your drink into a retail product

Published 19th July 2021 in Fruit Juice Focus

There are no rules about where a business idea can be born, and some of the best begin in a kitchen. We recently developed a healthy soft drink based on stinging nettles. The recipe was one that had been in the founder’s family for generations.

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The Successful Founder Summer 2021 Issue

Published 14th July 2021 in The Successful Founder

Every startup founder needs to keep in mind that branding is as important as the product itself. Of a first-time purchase is based on the branding: it’s why a consumer will pick your product over their regular choice or your competition

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What Do You Need To Budget When Developing A New Food Or Drink Brand?

6th July 2021 on Family Friendly Working

When considering the possibility of starting a business many people look at the Food & Drink sector as a starting point. Some people have a genuinely innovative idea. But what will it cost to bring to market?  It is all too common to believe that you can start up your own drinks brand on a shoestring

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Alcohol free spirits are missing an opportunity

Published 2nd October 2021 in Business 365 Isle of Man

The key reasons people cite for buying a zero-alcohol drinks are: health (including weight loss and disease prevention), wanting to be able to drive, and saving money. There are some great low alcohol beers (technically they are not alcohol free) but just because the beer brewers have got it right doesn’t mean the spirits market has hit the spot.

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How to convert a family recipe into a retail product.

1st July 2021 in Food And Drink Network

Many people have a treasured family recipe, or perhaps a dish inspired by something tasted on holiday, that they believe will take the food and drinks market by storm. However most home-prepared recipes cant simply be moved from the kitchen to the factory

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Wake up your customers to a new day

1st July 2021 in The Brewers Journal

It was the question everyone was afraid to ask Last year. haw many breweries were going to close? In the States. 45 percent was the believed number. which was close to the same number being mooted around here.

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Food & Drink Technology July/August 2021

July 2021 in Food and Drink Technology July/August 2021

Richard Horwell is the managing director of Brand Relations, a food and drink specialist consultancy that focuses on development, branding and marketing. Prior to setting up Brand Relations in 2007

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