We initially met Brand Relations at the awards night in Dubai, they saw our Hummus and fell in love with the concept. Knowing the International Market they felt a more European approach to the branding would improve sales, the results were amazing and now we export our brand all over the World, it has been an amazing journey and we are so glad that we had Brand Relations on board to help us.

Wild Leaf

Inspired by flavours of Africa, Wild Leaf is a range of premium craft mixers containing nothing artificial and with no sweeteners. Infused with Wormwood and Quassia botanicals to provide a unique flavour profile, Wild Leaf brings a twist of North Africa to any alcoholic beverage without the compromise on flavour or health.


Brand Relations was approached by the client to develop a drink that could be successful in the UK market. With no brief just the funding to develop the brand, after several months of research we decided that the biggest opportunity was in Collagen Drinks, Zero Sugar and based on Moringa Tea.


Afria is a refreshing blend of fruits and Bitters inspired by the Nigerian Chapman cocktail. The Chapman is a renowned celebratory drink which originated from Lagos, Nigeria in the 1930’s. Chapman is certainly a drink for the sweet palette, but we understand the importance of healthy options for both alcohol and non-alcohol drinkers. We have adapted this traditional drink into a healthier alternative by combining natural fruit juices, stevia and bitters to achieve a balanced level of sweetness. A-Free-Ah any preservatives or nasties, this refreshing natural mix with Spring Water is a perfect alternative for alcohol any occasion and will transport your taste buds to West Africa where the original Chapman was founded. Afria is Chapman at its best!


Brand Relations was approached by Anya to develop a ‘vegan’ protein drink, after researching the market we discovered the huge benefits of Algae including Protein. We developed a natural recipe in two flavours based on Algae giving 15mg of protein per bottle, then came up with the branding and marketing strategy for the brand.


When two Chemists Roy and Nas began working with eachother, they discussed the amazing benefits of Stinging Nettles and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t in a readily available drink. Together with the help of Brand Relations, the pair decided to develop the FIRST EVER Nettle infused spring water called Emunity blended with other healthy ingredients and sweetened to taste; a recipe that brings an ancient yet successful remedy into the 21st Century at only 53kCal a can. Containing nothing artificial and low in sugar, it’s a refreshing daily defence for the body without the hassle.