Not only does Brand Relations take projects from start to finish, but we also can rebrand and rework existing brands. Chillio is a great example of this. With extensive insight into the drinks industry, Brand Relations saw the trend of craft alcoholic drinks combined with the consumer movement towards non-alcoholic drinks when socialising. Chillio was rebranded to fit this scope, a healthy dry non-alcoholic adult craft soda in a can styled to look like a craft beer. Our recipe development team was briefed to make the new Chillio based on local street recipes of Central and South America to give Chillio heritage. With unique flavour combinations and a dry bite of chilli, Chillio is a true adult soft drink.

To emphasise its South and Central American heritage, the Chillio can design utlitised street photography of the various countries each drink is based on. A striking craft design, to match each drink but also communicate to the consumer the main USPs of the drink. Chillio has been designed both for retail and on-trade channels.

With Brand Relations behind the launch of Chillio in Jan 2020, it has gained significant traction in a small amount of time, with key listings with Holland and Barrett online and Tree of Life wholesalers.