Brand Relations was approached by the client to develop a drink to be successful in the UK and worldwide market. Brand Relations presented extensive research to demonstrate the gap in a drink that would benefit hair, skin and nails through collagen. Sourcing the finest marine collagen, Brand Relations developed a drink that would also utilise the added benefit of aloe vera and moringa tea. Using the on-trend and premium flavours of Yuzu and Pomegranate Eternitea was born. Brand Relations stayed true to their principles of health and natural, Eternitea is zero sugar drink that contains nothing artificial, with 2500mg of collagen per bottle.

Eternitea was entirely designed and branded by Brand Relations. From the name to the innovative bottle design based on medicinal beauty products, we did it all. The design had a strong emphasis on messaging and communication. The consumer would be able to pick this up from the supermarket shelf and immediately identify ‘what is it in the drink for them’. In preparation for market launch, Brand Relations provided a comprehensive market strategy and brand positioning as well as all supplementary material such as POS and sales brochures.

Since then this brand launch of Eternitea, it has won ‘Most Innovative Beverage 2019’ at Gulfood show in Dubai and was a finalist in Best Beverage at SIAL Paris 2018. With Brand Relations continually behind the marketing, Eternitea gained listings in great places such as YO! Sushi, EAT17, EasyCoffee, Tree of Life Wholesaler and Amazon. As well as exporting across Europe.